Although nursery education is not statutory it is the first step on your child’s formal journey through education and as such it is vitally important that once they have started at nursery they attend regularly.

This gets children into the routine of getting ready and going to school every day and gives an important message about school attendance.

It also means that your child doesn’t miss out on any of the exciting learning opportunities that we provide and they continue to build relationships with the staff and other children.

Our group times at the beginning of each session are an important time for the children, it is when the main adult directed teaching takes place and it prepares the children for the rest of the session.

As such we would ask that you try and bring the children to nursery on time.

8:45 in the morning and 12:30 in the afternoon.

If your child is unwell then the best place for them is at home but we would ask that you let us know why they are not coming to nursery that day.

If your child is off without any communication from you we will contact you to find out the reason, if we are unable to make contact directly with you we will try the emergency contact numbers that you have provided.  If we are still unable to get in touch we may consider calling around to check that you are safe and well.

If attendance is a problem for you we will work with you to try and find a solution so please let us know.




Parkview Aims:

  • To ensure all children are given equal opportunity to achieve their full potential through an education based on their individual needs
  • To scaffold and inspire children's learning with careful consideration given to their interests nurturing them in all areas of learning
  • To provide each and every child with a joyful, stimulating environment which includes rich outdoor learning
  • To celebrate each individual’s achievements through praise each and every day
  • To encourage each individual at Parkview to care for their community and environment


Parkview Values:

  • Happiness and Wellbeing – promoting a kind, positive and respectful environment
  • Health and Self-worth – promoting a healthy, mindful attitude towards life for children and families
  • Nurture - promoting a caring, considerate environment that supports our families
  • Environment – promoting curiosity, awe and wonder at the world through stimulating, challenging activities and resources


Parkview Vision:

We have a clear vision of what we want to achieve at Parkview Nursery School:

  • To provide a welcoming, nurturing environment in which children feel safe to take risks
  • To create an environment in which our children, families and staff feel respected and listened to
  • To help all children to prepare for a bright future

Parkview Nursery School – ‘Inspiring young hearts, bodies and minds’.


Opening times

8.45 to 3.30 Monday to Friday (term time only)