At Parkview Nursery we promote the fundamental British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, respect and tolerance. 


We make decisions together.

We ask the children’s opinions on things. 

Sometimes we vote for things such as which story to read or which game to play.

Everyone gets a turn to say what they think.

We teach the children how to negotiate with each other to come to an agreement.


Rule of law

We have simple, clear rules and boundaries in nursery.

We help the children learn to follow them

We involve the children in discussing ‘rules’ and explain why we have them


Individual Liberty – Freedom for all

Everyone is valued, we encourage the children by celebrating when children help and are kind to each other

We have several children with special educational needs who are a valued part of nursery and we help all the children to understand that everyone is different but special.


Respect and tolerance – Treat others how you would like to be treated

We go on visits in the community and invite people in to talk to us

We learn about other cultures and celebrate different festivals such as Christmas and Chinese New Year

We use resources such as pictures, books, figures and dressing up that reflect a diverse society


Our Vision:

Our Vision at Parkview is to encourage every individual to

  • walk their own path
  • build their own bridge
  • climb their own mountain

in order to fulfil their potential in life and learning


As a Local Authority Maintained Nursery School we offer:

  • 3 year old funded places (15 hours a week)
  • 3 year old funded places for working parents (up to 30 hours a week)
  • Flexible sessions which can be used over a full day if wished
  • Parents can pay for additional sessions if wished
  • Hot lunches
  • Resourced Provision for children with Special Educational Needs


We work closely with Stepping Stones Nursery next door who can provide wrap around and holiday provision for children attending Parkview Nursery.