Working Together

Parents are the most important people in their children's lives and when your child comes to Nursery we build on the foundations which you have laid and will continue to develop at home.

The partnership and relationship we build with parents is essential for the child's happiness and development.

Home Visits

We visit all children in their homes before they start - children remember this visit throughout their time at Nursery and often say 'you came to my house.....'.

Shared Interests

We try to plan our curriculum around children's interests and will talk to you about what your child has been doing.

How do parents know what their child is doing in Nursery?

Parents bring their children into Nursery at the beginning of the session and are welcome to look round to see what activities are happening - children are often keen to show their parent how the tadpoles are growing etc

On the way home or at home some children are very chatty about what they have been doing but others will make little comment.

Your child's key worker will always be happy to talk with you - they will always try to tell you if something important has happened and will be happy to arrange a time to talk to you if you have any concerns.

We also arrange more formal meetings for you to talk to your child's keyworker about your child's progress.

Learning Stories

We keep a Learning Story for each child, this contains observations, photos, examples of their work etc. and shows how they are learning and developing at school. This will come home with the child at the end of the year and is available throughout the year for you to share with your child and their family. We are always happy to have contributions from home to put in these books and sheets are available from Nursery.

Parents Noticeboard and TV

We have a parents noticeboard in the lobby where we try and write up what is happening in Nursery that week, inform you of any special events coming up, information on what we are planning for the children to learn, photos of what they have been doing etc.

We also regularly update the photos on the TV and there is always information on what we are having for snack and general reminders.

Displays in Nursery

Do look at our displays in Nursery with your child, these often have photos and information on as well as examples of the children's work so that you can talk to your child about the children in the photos and whether they took part in the activity.

Helping In Nursery

Once the children have settled into Nursery we welcome parents to come in and help. Come in and spend time with your child and others - see what they like doing and join in - read a story, be a customer at the shop, help build a castle etc.


We always need parents to come with us on trips to the library, local shops, the woods etc as well as our main trip at the end of the year. This helps us ensure safety as well as giving children an interested adult to talk to on the trip.

Home Learning Bags

All children have their own book bag and can choose a book every day to take home to share with their family.  Your child may also sometimes bring home a rucksack with an activity for you to do at home.  This may be a 'Funky Finger' bag to develop the fine motor skills needed for writing or a 'maths' bag with a simple game to improve your child's mathematical development.  Please make time to share these with your child it makes a big difference.

What to Expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage - Please see this information from the DFE about the EYFS.

The Family Learning Team have updated their programme for 2021/2022.  Please see the attached link for more information on the fun, interactive courses available. Learning Booklet 2021-22 FINAL.pdf


Cost of living support

Please see Cumbria County Council's cost of living support and advice website below 

Parkview Aims:

  • To ensure all children are given equal opportunity to achieve their full potential through an education based on their individual needs
  • To scaffold and inspire children's learning with careful consideration given to their interests nurturing them in all areas of learning
  • To provide each and every child with a joyful, stimulating environment which includes rich outdoor learning
  • To celebrate each individual’s achievements through praise each and every day
  • To encourage each individual at Parkview to care for their community and environment


Parkview Values:

  • Happiness and Wellbeing – promoting a kind, positive and respectful environment
  • Health and Self-worth – promoting a healthy, mindful attitude towards life for children and families
  • Nurture - promoting a caring, considerate environment that supports our families
  • Environment – promoting curiosity, awe and wonder at the world through stimulating, challenging activities and resources


Parkview Vision:

We have a clear vision of what we want to achieve at Parkview Nursery School:

  • To provide a welcoming, nurturing environment in which children feel safe to take risks
  • To create an environment in which our children, families and staff feel respected and listened to
  • To help all children to prepare for a bright future

Parkview Nursery School – ‘Inspiring young hearts, bodies and minds’.


Opening times

8.45 to 3.30 Monday to Friday (term time only)