Outdoor learning

At Parkview Nursery School we spend a lot of time outside!

There are some things that you  just can't learn about inside such as what the rain feels like, what happens when you jump in a muddy puddle and what our friendly Robin likes to eat.  Some children just seem to learn better outside and with this in mind we operate an open door policy where children can choose whether they want to access activities inside or out.  We aim to offer the same variation in learning opportunities outside as inside but often on a bigger scale.  For example mark making happens outside but this could be with large chalks on the ground or with paint brushes and buckets of water.  While board games may take place inside, outside this could be hopscotch or skittles, counting and recording the score on a large whiteboard.  The staff work with the children outside as they do inside following their lead and exploiting every learning opportunity through talk, modeling questioning and finding out about things together.  Children learn to assess risk in a safe environment and their physical skills develop enormously.  



Our Vision:

Our Vision at Parkview is to encourage every individual to

  • walk their own path
  • build their own bridge
  • climb their own mountain

in order to fulfil their potential in life and learning


As a Local Authority Maintained Nursery School we offer:

  • 3 year old funded places (15 hours a week)
  • 3 year old funded places for working parents (up to 30 hours a week)
  • Flexible sessions which can be used over a full day if wished
  • Parents can pay for additional sessions if wished
  • Hot lunches
  • Resourced Provision for children with Special Educational Needs


We work closely with Stepping Stones Nursery next door who can provide wrap around and holiday provision for children attending Parkview Nursery.